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We coach you through custom strength & mobility workouts so you can take on everyday life with confidence and ease.

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Custom Training (Most Popular)
Never wonder what to do in the gym or how to do it ever again! We’ll walk you through a simple movement assessment and use that info + your goals to create a custom plan that includes strength, mobility, stability, core work, and metabolic conditioning in a way that’s “just right” for you. You’ll meet with a coach weekly who will train you on your ever-progressing program in a small group of others, each doing their own plan. It’s a custom training-meets-community kind of vibe and not only helps to keep personal training rates more reasonable, it gets (even more) awesome results.

Group Classes & Open Gym
Included in your membership
Boost your cardio and enhance your strength with our 45-minute high-energy group classes that BURN calories and BUILD lean muscle. These classes will set your metabolism on fire in a supportive community of high fives and positive vibes.
Open Gym means you have unlimited access to Valeo – you can come as often as you want, no appointment necessary. Repeat the program your coach trained you on, do one of our posted metabolic workouts, or do your own thing…your options are endless, and your results accelerated.

What if making one simple change at a time could allow you to enjoy a life of food freedom, a healthy mindset, and a rockin’ body? Our organic supplements, delicious pre-and-post workout smoothie pouches and drinks, action-taking challenges, and habit-based philosophy will help get you there..


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Book a Tour and Free Strategy Session with an expert coach. We’ll get to know your fitness history, goals, and even do a quick Movement Assessment.




Receive a Custom Plan and get started with our Group Classes. Discover the difference accountability, community, and qualified coaching can make.


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When it comes to healthy habits, every rep counts. We’ll keep your inner athlete moving and working toward your goals, impacting your whole life.

Hear what our members have to say:


“After spending the last few years dealing with gradual weight gain, tiredness, stress and just a very hectic life schedule, Valeo developed a very targeted, specific plan to reverse some of the problems I was having. I now honestly feel stronger, more energized, and have a far better sense of well-being. I actually look forward to my scheduled workouts and am so thankful for their presence in our community.”


” ‘Dieting’ no longer dominates my life and yet my clothes fit better… I enjoy my body much more now because it serves me so much better. I am very thankful to Valeo for how it has radically and sustainably changed my entire concept of health and fitness.”