Can you believe this year is coming to an end? With it comes the idea of new beginnings. Many people set resolutions or at least have intentions of bettering themselves health-wise in the new year. In our Valeo / Nutrition group, we challenge each other to be 1% better everyday. Since change doesn’t have to be (read: should never be) “all or nothing,” what is one thing you can you do today to take a small step toward 1% better?

Start slow. We’re all about progress, not perfection over here. Making a few simple nutritional ‘wins’ in your day can go a long way to making you feel really good, mentally and physically. We’re sure that with all of the friends and family creating a vortex in your living room, you’ve eaten out quite a bit this holiday season. So, maybe your simple step is to write down a few healthy meals you’d like to eat at home, then take a trip to Meijer, D&W, Aldi, or whatever your fave grocery store is and stock up on nourishing foods to fill your refrigerator. Take a minute to pass out (or throw away) the last of the candy and cookies and then don’t look back. As one of members encourages, cut up some veggies and put in baggies to grab or make a ‘healthy snack basket’ to set on your counter. Convenience really is everything when to comes to filling our bellies with life-giving, healthy options. And remember: We don’t have “rules” about “good” or “bad” foods. But we DO make informed, grown-up and honest choices (and we promise that when you do, you’ll feel pretty awesome).

It’s easy (and ok) to get in comfy-mode during this season but gosh, is moving good for the soul.  Start your day with a little walk or add some squats up and down, a few push ups with your feet on the couch, or even just a plank or two while you watch football. Let your muscles drive your metabolism by keeping your training sessions going at the gym if you’re a member or contact us if you want to explore membership and receive a structured program and accountability for your fitness. It’s what we love to do! Moving a little each day gets the blood flowing, makes you feel more connected to your body, more energetic, and more mentally stable. Exercise is so important and if you keep the motto “rest is earned” in the forefront of your mind, you’ll realize there is nothing better than getting your comfy-mode on *after* a good workout, knowing what you’ve accomplished.

Lastly, it’s simple but still rings true: drink a lot of water. A good rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water every day. It’s hard to remember to do that sometimes, so invest in a water bottle and carry it with you everywhere. If you’re not a fan of drinking straight up water, infuse it with some strawberries, mint or cucumbers to give it a hint of flavor. The water will begin to flush your system.

With the addition of healthy meals crowding out the junk + a little more movement + a whole lotta water, you’re well on your way to a healthier, fitter, 1% better You in 2017. Cheers to YOUR year of #healthyandstrong!

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