In our last Tuesday / Tip, we mentioned The Expectation Effect…that is, how you talk to yourself and think about your goals can impact:


– your motivation and drive

– how hungry you are

– how hard your workouts feel

…and just about everything else!

Take the following statements, for example: read them in your head and notice the difference in how you feel as a result of each:


When you’re out for a run, you think:

“Don’t slow down”

= your brain only hears ‘slow down’ – suddenly things feel heavier and harder.



“Fast feet fast feet fast feet!”

= you start running more rapidly.


Or you’re lifting weights in the gym:

“This is so heavy!

= you suddenly feel sluggish and defeated.




“This is easy”

= you quickly muster more umph and things feel…lighter.

Even simple words like “UP!” when you are rising from a squat, or “Breathe Easy” when you are pushing it on bike….can all have a positive physiological affect on the body.


The body believes what the brain perceives. 

Next time you’re grinding in the gym or doing something that takes seemingly more grit than you have in the moment, remember:


Language matters.

So, be careful how you are talking to yourself…

…because you are listening.


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