A lil’ “Did You Know” tidbit from Mike Luepke…

Don’t laugh at that crazy guy on the bike!

A gallon of gasoline contains 31,000 Calories, and a car burns about 900 Calories/mile. At BEST, a very fuel-efficient car may get 35+ mpg. The human body is one of the most efficient machines on the planet! Coupled w/a mechanical aide (such as a bicycle), it can go a LOOOOOOONG way! Supposing he weighed 170lbs (and could metabolize gasoline) that crazy guy on the bike could go 918 MILES ON JUST ONE GALLON OF GAS!! Quick math: For tax purposes, the IRS says it costs 50.5 cents/mile to operate a car. It would take just 594 miles to start seeing a return on a $300 bicycle investment!

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