Keep “Low Fat” Low On Your Nutrition Priorities

The low-fat phenomenon that swept the country a couple decades ago is finally starting to dissipate – and we think that’s a really good thing! Food products converted to their lower fat versions usually means there’s been ingredients like sugar or artificial fillers added in their place. The marketing world wants you to associate low fat with healthy, but that is often the furthest from the truth!

You may have heard the term “good fats” before and thought it was an oxymoron. Truth be told, there are really wonderful fats that not only support the health of your body, but can also help support your efforts to trim down. One such “good fat” is MCT or medium-chain triglycerides – when consumed, these easily-digestible fats head straight to the liver, where they crank up your metabolism and help your body burn the fat as fuel rather than store it. MCTs can also help you feel fuller sooner and longer and provide much more of a mental satisfaction factor. This is huge for those struggling with portion control or those who can’t seem to figure out why they still feel hungry after bottomless rounds of low-fat eating.

MCT fats are also fantastic for balancing your gastrointestinal system since they combat harmful bacteria, viruses and other unwanted visitors. And, as you might remember, the gut is your “second brain” and the mother of the immune system, so any assistance in keeping this system strong is key! These fats also have antioxidant properties, which help protect your cells against toxins and keep inflammation at bay. This is especially beneficial to not just your second brain, but your real brain – which is largely made up of fatty acids. Nourishing your brain with MCT fats will help you feel your best, think clearly, perform well, and stay sharp as you age.

Where are MCT fats found? 

*straight MCT Oil (1-3 Tbs/day)
*Coconut Oil (1-3 Tbs/day). Find our favorite deal here.
*Grassfed Butters
*Palm Oil
*Grassfed Cheeses
*Grassfed Whole Milk
*Grassfed Whole-Fat Yogurt

Give it a try!

Use coconut oil while baking or sauteing, swap your low-fat yogurt for a full-fat version, or head to your local health food store for some high-quality MCT oil and google ways to incorporate it into your foods (straight-up, in smoothies, salad dressings, homemade mayo, and more)!

It might take some mindset shifts, but adding more MCT fats into your diet may not only complement your figure, but more importantly, may be powerful for your physical and mental health.


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