Keeping your wrists straight and strong in all kettlebell lifts – arm bars, turkish get ups, cleans, presses – is essential for good safety and strength.

In the picture on the left, the handle of the bell is lying straight across the base of the fingers (callous line) of the palm, which often causes the wrist toflop back in a hyperextended position. Hyperextending the wrist under the load of the kettlebell is not only bad for the wrist, it can make it really difficult for the elbow to keep locked and shoulder ‘packed’ into the socket, both of which are crucial for executing weighted movements well.

In contrast, in the picture on the right, the handle of the bell lies across the ‘life line’ of the palm, almost diagonally (see photo below for exact placement). This allows the wrist to stay straight, which in turn allows you togrip the kettlebell tighter and better stabilize the shoulder.

Remember – it all starts with the set up. Place the bell in an optimal position as you set up your lift and you’ll be much more controlled, smooth, and strong (and save the wrists from injury!).

Happy kettlebelling!

Member Highlight: Leslie Brown

A dedicated long-time member with us, Leslie decided to not only have us write her fitness plan but also committed to our Valeo / Nutrition program to create a year focused on small, gradual healthy habits.  The results are phenomenal – losing over 13 lbs and 5% in body fat! 
Even more important is what she gained in the process – a renewed vision of herself as the athlete is.  Doing handstands just shy of her 65th birthday…are you kidding me?! 
Leslie is one of the most amazing people you’ll meet.  Chairman of the board of an international business, standout leader in our community, loving mom and grandma, and adventurer to the core. Whether trekking Machu Picchu  rafting through the Grand Canyon , or tenting near elephants in Africa , she’s preservered through many ups and downs of life. We are so honored to be in her fitness corner. 

She writes: “I’ve never thought of myself as athletic, but now I do!  I think Valeo has found the ‘secret sauce’.  The combination of excellent FITNESS TRAINING and NUTRITION COACHING along with individual coaching and recommendations when working with Mike (or any trainer) is really a different approach to fitness.  It makes Valeo a true innovator and leader.  The Tuesday / Tips are icing on the cake. I’m so happy to be part of Valeo!”

Thank you, Leslie – we celebrate your DEDICATION, your HARD WORK you exude every time you step onto the gym floor, your FUN SPIRIT, and your AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENTS!! We are so proud of you.

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