If you’ve…

Been sitting most of the day
Tend to wake up sore
Catch yourself hunched over
Feel tight and achy everywhere

Try this stretch.

It’s our version of what the fitness industry calls the World’s Greatest Stretch. Members, you know it as Long Half Knee with T-Reach. 🙂

We’ve shared it with you before but it’s that good, we’ll keep sharing it!

Watch the video below to see how to do it and then sprinkle this mobility move throughout your week (or every day)!

Your hips, spine, chest, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, calves…whole body will thank you.

Here we come, 2021!!

~ Jess & Team Valeo

Here’s the 30-second video, as seen on WZZM13’s morning show last Friday! 🙂

Here’s a written Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Get in a kneeling position
2. Scoot the front foot forward and lean slightly forward to feel the muscles stretch in the front of your back-leg’s hip.
3. Place your opposite hand in line with the front foot.
4. Inhale as you sweep the other hand through the gap. “Thread the needle.”
5. Exhale as you open up into the letter T…your eyes following the moving hand the whole time.

  • Pause at the top.
  • Inhale as you rotate down, sweeping hand through the gap again.
  • Exhale as you open back up to the letter T.

Repeat about 10 times per side. 

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