One of the top reasons people tell us they skip their workouts or don’t work out at all is because they don’t have the energy.

I can 100% relate.

Here’s the kicker: one of the best & easiest ways to get more energy fast is to WORK OUT.

(Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be intense – more on that below).


There are three big reasons exercise helps you have more energy, all backed by science.

1. It helps your body create energy at the cellular level – in the mitochondria of your cells. Not only do you create MORE mitochondria but that new mitochrondria spurs on more (even more) energy.  It’s like a 1-2 punch of energy!

2. It boosts oxygen circulation inside your body, which helps your body use its energy more efficiently.

3. Your body releases more feel-good hormones when you exercise.


Don’t overthink it…these good things can happen with just 10-20 minutes of movement.

Research shows that the most important thing is to be CONSISTENT with your workouts.


A couple of findings:

  • Doing regular, low-intensity exercise can help boost energy by 20% while cutting fatigue by as much as 65%. Lifting weights and slow walking in nature are our favorite two ways to do this.
  • On days when people walked MORE total daily steps, they ended the day with MORE energy than on the days when they walked less.
  • The best workout programs actually ADD energy to your days vs. draining your energy.

At Valeo, we help everyday people increase their cellular energy, boost oxygen circulation, and increase their feel-good hormones.

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Jess Luepke

Founder, Co-Owner Valeo / Training

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