An all-women Community Workout event to provide bras and menstrual products for girls and women experiencing homelessness.

Workout with women in a safe, welcoming environment

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Our women-only event on March 21 @10am begins with a 45-minute circuit-style workout with Valeo’s expert coaches that will focus on strengthening, toning and mobility exercises. No gym experience necessary – we’ll be sure you feel comfortable, have fun and get an amazing workout in the process.

Donate to “I Support The Girls – Grand Rapids”

Did you know that bras and feminine hygiene products are among the most unmet needs for girls and women experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, or who struggle to make ends meet? In lieu of payment for this class, we’re asking participants to provide bras and menstrual products for I Support The Girls – Grand Rapids. This lovely organization takes these products and distributes them to partner organizations, including Holland Rescue Mission – Family Hope Ministry Center, Resilience – Advocates for Ending Violence and Community Action House right, here in Holland.

How do I bring in donations or what if I’m unable to attend on March 21 but would love to donate to this cause?

Donations can be physically brought to Valeo the day of the Community Workout or any time prior. Additionally, online donations can be sent straight to “I Support The Girls – Grand Rapids” via their Amazon Wish List. Check it out to see their most desired items! Then, simply bring in a snapshot or printout of your purchase receipt to the Community Workout, so we can verify your contribution.

Purchase products made by rescued women

In addition to donations to I Support The Girls – Grand Rapids, we’ll have products like jewelry, purses and scarves available for purchase that were made by women rescued from sex trafficking.

Win prizes from women-owned local businesses

Every participant will receive 2 tickets to put into a raffle drawing. This raffle contains generous gifts from local boutiques, salons and of course, Valeo!

RSVP for the “We Support The Girls” Community Workout below

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