Winning or losing isn’t just the outcome of a series of activities.

It’s not about simply winning or losing at a competition.

Winning’s about winning behaviors.

When we switch our mindset to behaviors we can win, the outcome takes care of itself.

It could be as simple as:

Setting your clothes out the night before so you can head to the gym right after work.

Getting up early enough for some solo meditation and prayer time instead of pushing snooze 21 times. (#guilty)

Prepping some hearty salads to grab for lunches this week rather than going out to eat.

Sitting down for dinner as a family instead of on the couch watching screens.

Going for a stroll or sitting outside in nature when you sense stress is building.

Getting ready for bed right before Netflix-and-chilling so you’re more motivated to hit the hay on time.

Doing a third set of your workout when two is more comfortable.

Grabbing some sparkling water instead of that next glass of wine.

Calling a friend or reading scripture when you’re struggling and basking in worry.

All these things are behaviors that accumulate little wins in your day. 

Because we know winning begets winning.

What winning behavior can you do right now that will fill you with confidence to do the next #bebetter thing? 

Focus on that and you may just be amazed at what kind of person you become, inside and out, because of it.

Rooting for you,
Jess + Team Valeo

PS – we’ve got a 6-week challenge starting next week that provides structure and guidance in some specific winning behaviors so you can Move More, Eat Well, Sleep Deep and Stress Less. You know, the things we want to do but often don’t. We get it! If you’re ready for a change, check out more info about it HERE or click the picture below.

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