As I was sharing and listening to a client the other day, I was reminded of a statement made by our pastor at Engedi Church. It struck me as so powerful to many facets of life, including physical fitness improvement and weight loss. Let me know if it resignates with you, too…

Change only happens when the reason TO change is greater than the reason NOT to change.

or, stated another way:

People only change when the cost of NOT changing is greater than the cost OF changing.

So…what’s your “WHY”? What’s your reason to change your habits, your daily routine, your weight, your mentality, your endurance, your drive, your choices, your food, your sleep, your heart?

Forget the surfacy stuff…dig deep. It’s not just to “look good” or “lose weight” or “feel better”. Identify what that means exactly to you, what that looks like, feels like, tastes like for you, your family, your coworkers, your friends…Write it down and put it somewhere you can see it, to remind you what you’re striving for, why every little choice points you one step closer to your “Why”. If your WHY – your reason to change – doesn’t mean MORE to you than your reason not to change – trying to change will feel like torture.

It’s a choice you make every time you face a challenge, a temptation, apathy or unmotivation. Your WHY will change occasionally; expect it to. But know that if it is spoken, written and known deep inside you, it will drive you forward, propelling you one small step at a time closer to your goal.

How do you see yourself in 6 months if you keep holding on to the same negative behaviors? How do you see yourself in 6 months if you did make those positive changes in your life?

Keep pressin’ on!

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