This past summer, smack dab during a huge move to our new building, I saw this quote Mike posted on our office bulletin board. It’s a simple statement that packs a lot of power: Not “what could have been?” But “What could be?”

How many times do you catch yourself dwelling on the past? Wishing you had done something different ‘back then?’ Blaming circumstances outside of or within your control that affect you today? 

It could be finances, family, even fitness. I’ve been there and it’s a daily surrender to shift from the “What could have been” to the “What could be?” It’s knowing each day is a fresh start to do just 1 thing better. To move forwardtoward hope, toward possibility. 

What’s that look like for you? What kind of person do you want to become mentally, spiritually, physically over these next, say 6 months? What could you do today to move one step toward that vision? 

C.S. Lewis said, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” It’s an invitation to never lose hope, to edit the chapter if you’ve already begun. And if you’re new to this exploring healthy living thing and feeling that tug of “I know I need to do something with my fitness,” know that we’ve got a gym family here at Valeo who all share a very similar story. Who need a little help changing the ending. And who are now well on their way. 

To shifting perspectives from from the past to the possibilities,
Jess + Team Valeo

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