This past weekend proved to be one of the most positive experiences I’ve professionally been involved in. The UCC event, held at Ultimate Fitness and Health (yup, we got our workout in by clearing almost the entire weight room out by hand!), kicked off at 8pm Friday night and concluded 8pm Saturday night. We had 44 teams (up from 26 last year), almost 400 riders and well over 600 people in and out of the gym cheering each other on.

I had two teams this year – a 24-hr Team Triple Threat, comprised of mostly Velo/Valeo Vixens (V to the 3rd degree…my triathlon ladies) and a few good men 🙂 and also a 12-hr Team Valeo, comprised of my stud clients and friends. Teams rode on spin bikes or brought their own road bikes that they hooked up to a hydraulic trainer. I had so much fun greeting them each hour as they came to ride their hour…or two…or three…or four… The atmosphere was filled with sweat, music, flashing lights, inspiring videos24 hours of non-stop action! A Yellow paper chain was created, each link containing a name of someone affected by or living with cancer. The length of the chain was both humbling, daunting and inspiring at the same time – what purpose it brought to the event! The best part: $37,500 (and still coming in!) was raised for the LiveStrong Lance Armstrong Foundation to help progress cancer research and support those living with cancer. Wow – God is good. THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO RODE!! Our team motto: BeStrong. RideStrong. LiveStrong!

John Jasker and Mike “MC” Clark represent!! LiveSTRONG Kids – Go Austin!!Michael says, “Safety First!” hahahaVixen Kelly Slagh and her hubby, Ryan. Kelly rode 4 hrs at the event!


Julie Steggerda

Anne Veltema

Shawn Luepke

Mike Clark

Linda Oosting

Ted Etheridge

Tiffany Andre

Will Polik

Ashley Gruenberg

Leslie Brown

Nate Bender

Jess Oosting


Curt Wiltse

Carmen Hannah

Jess Oosting

Nate Bocks

Elizabeth Bocks

Kelly Slagh

Sloan Dorr

Heather Sellers

Marci Michermerhuizen

Marlene Overhuel

Tara Kuhnlein

Mike Luepke

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