What type of shoe is best?

We did a little Q & A with shoe expert and Community Programs Coordinator Allison Land down the road at Gazelle Sports regarding what type of footwear is best for those who choose gym sessions and strength training as their primary mode of exercise.

Q.) What type of shoe might you recommend for those whose primary exercising is in a gym setting like ours, lifting weights? 

A.) For people who are primarily lifting and not specifically doing a lot of running, I’d recommend a cross training type of shoe instead of a running or traditional tennis shoe.

Q.) What is the difference between a running shoe vs a cross training shoe? (pros and cons of both). When would it be helpful to have both?

A.) The structures in running shoes are not meant for lateral (side to side) movement, and are in fact meant to help you move forward. Many times we find that people who are doing more gym activities are just not comfortable in their running shoe for those activities. Of course, some people can get away with it and it works for them. But the vast majority will be more comfortable for those types of movements in a cross training shoe.

A cross trainer will also help you keep your weight on your heels when you’re lifting. It is also shaped differently and structured differently than a running shoe. You can do a little bit of running in a cross trainer. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going out and running a 5k in them, but short sprints, sure.

It would be helpful to have both types of shoes if you’re using lifting or weight training as a cross training activity for running or walking. You’re going to want your running shoes to last and having a pair of cross trainers that are gym-specific helps. Those who are in the gym 2-3 days per week will appreciate the increased grippiness of cross-training footwear, especially on the turf. But for running anything more than a sprint, the cross trainers do not have enough cushion or structure to support prolonged running activity and a more traditional running shoe should be worn.

Q.) What options does Gazelle Sports have for cross training shoes? 

A.) We carry a couple of different styles of Inov8, and the Nike Metcon*
*editors note: perfect, say, for MetCon class! 🙂

Thanks, Allison!
Members, stay tuned for special “Gym Day” deals at Gazelle Sports Holland.

Notice the difference in cushion, heel platform, and profile between the two. Cross trainers allow for much more agility and better feel for the ground when lifting weights and running shoes are designed for prolonged impact and proper foot positioning during walking and running movement.

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