Want to know a cool trick?


When you focus on the actual muscle you’re exercising, the movement gets easier and you could get even BETTER results.


It’s because you’re building that “mind-muscle connection” – and it’s pretty powerful!


Even more than simply thinking about the muscle you’re working is touching the muscle you’re working, if possible.


Tactile feedback completes a brain-body connection to the muscle you want to work and improves its firing response.


As an example, many people initially have a difficult time “feeling” their backside (glutes) when doing Hip Bridges. Since the glutes are the muscle group we want to recruit during this exercise, placing your hand on your backside, like Coach Trevor is doing in the photo, helps them to fire.


And the more muscle fibers we are firing in the right way, the more effective our workouts are.

Coach Mike calls this Reglutement™ and wants me to be sure to say that this tactile feedback only works when it is your own hand.


(I laughed way too hard at that)


Anyway, Sarah, is this something you already do during your workouts?


If not, try it next time and let me know how it goes. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Make it an amazing week,


Jessica & Team Valeo

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