I didn’t make it to the gym today and frankly, didn’t really feel like exercising at all. By the end of the evening, however, my mood and lethargy were paying the price.

Despite not feeling super motivated, I knew that action comes before motivation. And while I gave myself permission to not need to do a full workout session, I knew that even a little movement would be good for my soul.

So, I found the stairs. And as I was waiting for the water on the stove to boil for dinner, I scooted up and down the stairs 10 times and did two rounds of 20 hands-elevated push-ups.

My mood after? Completely elevated. My lethargy? Gone.

Just 3 minutes of movement had a profound impact not only on my physical disposition (my heartrate was zinging!) but on my mental state, too. I was able to experience a bit of endorphins AND I was proud of myself that I had squeezed a little muscle movement into my day.

So, in those moments you just don’t feel like it…could you briskly walk up and down the stairs 5-10 times? Do a few push-ups off the kitchen counter? For our members, do today’s Fitmas Challenge?

The burn in your muscles and breathlessness it produces is so good for your system and your smile.

It makes a difference.

Happy moving!

Jess & Team Valeo

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