Who we see ourselves as dictates the choices we make, so the first step in creating an active routine is to believe you are an active person.

Rather than focusing on what you need to do (ex – exercise and eat better), focus on who you are (ex – an athlete), even if it feels like you’re an imposter in the beginning.

I use this strategy in my life all the time when I want to get back on a healthier track.

Why? Because the identity as an athlete empowers me to:

  • skip the afternoon cookie that I’ll know will escalate into more “screw it” choices
  • forgo the extra cocktail that will keep me from wanting to run the next morning
  • do my strength training program instead of one more scroll on Instagram
  • drink more water
  • go to bed on time
  • pursue personal growth

‘Cause that’s what Athlete Jess would do.

Believe first. Then behave. Then become.

If you believe you’re lazy, every healthy behavior will feel like a burden.

If you believe you’re an athlete, it’s a lot easier to start choosing behaviors an athlete would choose.

What identity to you need to embody to help you take on healthier habits? It really does work!

In Your Corner,

Jess & Team Valeo

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