I’ll be headed to Montego Bay, Jamaica on March 14th for a week with students from Hope College. This will be my fourth time attending the trip and I’m so excited to go back down and see familiar faces and places. We’ll be hanging out with kids and doing various construction, clean-up and maintenance projects at the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf (CCCD) – I’m especially pumped to see the little boy I sponsor (Clifton) and Shenicia, who is sponsored through the generosity of you, my Valeo-ians (Swim for Shenicia event!). A small but meaningful aspect of the trip each year is being able to leave a few items behind that would be useful to the campus, including sport shoes.

Do you have an old pair of not-too-demolished tennies you’d be willing to give to the students at CCCD? If so, bring them to me at Ultimate Fitness and Health (91 e. Douglas Ave, Ste 140 – across from D&W) in the next couple weeks and I will arrange for them to be packed up and sent down with our team.

Be a part of something bigger – the feel-good comfort of shoes makes a huge different in the lives of kids, teens and adults at CCCD!

PS – Is it time for new shoes for you anyways? Ask me for my Valeo-Gazelle coupon for $5 of any footwear, $2 off any insole and 10% off apparel at Gazelle Sports!

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