A few days ago, I posted this question on our Instagram and Facebook pages:

Thank you to all those who responded! Here’s what a few of you said:

“Muscles and sweat”
“Hard work and dedication”
“Strength and self-care”
“Strength and dedication”
“Feeling amazing”
“Happy endorphins! Stress release!”
“Being able to be active and feeling good while doing it!”
“Feeling good, physically and mentally”
“Lifelong. Move to train and sustain vibrant well-being in all my realms, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual so that life is as great at 80 as it is at 47!!!”

Pretty cool, right?! We love the individuality of each statement combined with the common thread that fitness isn’t just motivated by the way you may look (though could be a fun side-effect, if you desire) but more by how the way you move and feel and how that trickles into other aspects of life.

In our gym, we want our members to rest in the mantra “You Do You”. We know how easy it is to compare ourselves to other’s fitness pursuits – whether that’s others in the gym or others on social media or elsewhere – and doing so can make our hearts feel a little sour and make us think we need to define fitness on their terms, instead.

You see, though, we each get to define what “fitness” means to us (and then us, as your coaches, get to support you in that!). Remember, it’s your body, your choices, and your interpretation. Don’t let others define fitness for you.

For some, it’s sculpting their body to a very low bodyfat and presenting themselves on stage – Figure Competitors and Bodybuilders.

For some, it’s pushing their bodies beyond the brink of exhaustion – Athletes in the midst of performance training.

For some, it’s being as strong as humanly possible – Powerlifters and Strongman.

For many others, it represents so much more…it’s feeling the mental high of accomplishment, it’s flexing a little more than normal (lol), it’s getting off medication, it’s feeling empowered, it’s feeling great, it’s being strong enough to pick up your kids or grandkids, it’s living better and enjoying life.

#truthbomb: If you let others define “fitness” for you, you’ll always feel like you’re failing at it….

Where’s your heart today? Are you letting others define what fitness “should” be or are you doing you?

We promise, “You do you” is a lot more effective (and fun). 🙂

Valeo / Eat Local.

Have you always been curious about buying groceries from local farms at the best prices, but aren’t quite sure how?

We look forward to hosting Eighth Day Farm and the Real Food Eaters Buyers Club as they share with us super CONVENIENT one-stop shop ways to get local goodness into our homes. This event is free (plus: PRIZES!) 🙂 and we can’t wait to have you join us.

For more info or to RSVP, click the pic below or follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/valeo-eat-local-tickets-43096826769

Member Highlight

This week, we’ve been giving a shout-out to these two good friends, Cathy and Beth. Oh how we love having them in the gym! Not only are they little culture-creators, making everyone feel welcomed, they have both made significant gains in their strength and overall fitness and together they serve as each other’s accountability partner to ensure they make it to Open Gyms during the week. Well done, ladies!!

Mobility and Functional Stretching Workshop – Thank You!

Thank you to all those who came for our Mobility and Functional Stretching Workshop with Meg Frens, MS, AT, ATC of AIRE ATC! What a great night with great (now more bendy flexy) people. 

If you’re looking to purchase any of the tools Meg highlighted, you can head HERE.



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