This statement was like a little gut-punch when I first read it. This holiday season, we all have things we’re doing that might not be in our norm. A few more cocktails than normal. A few later nights than we’re used to. An extra helping (or three) of Aunt Kathy’s cheesy potatoes. A skipped gym session due to having to prep for the party later. That piece of pie with a side of ice cream ‘just because.’ You get it. We’ve all been there. To say to NOT do these things would kinda be silly because #reallife and many of these things bring a sense of enjoyment and fun to this season of celebration.

But what happens when all these splurges become set patterns? It’s time to do a gut-check (figuratively…and literally? lol). When our overindulgence become habit, our health becomes hindered.

Are your habits serving your vision of who you want to be? What habit this holiday season might be perpetuating the cycle of frustration or keeping you from taking steps toward your good health? Or the one getting in the way of seeing more results at the gym? Or the one keeping the negative record playing over and over in your head?

Go ahead and enjoy the splurge! But keep it a splurge…not a habit. And if you find yourself not knowing where to start, consider the Put-Off / Put-On Principle. If you’re going to put laser focus on putting off one bad habit, what one good habit might you put on? Here are some ideas for some unconventional habit-swaps below (Keep in mind it takes 21 days to make a habit!):

#bebetter, 1% at at time!
Jess + Team Valeo

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