Sedentary Job? Aim for 3 to 5 minutes of mental re-grouping or physical activity for every hour at work – and feel the difference!

Here are a few tips to sneak movement into your day. You’ll not only feel more alert (for those afternoons when 3pm feels like 3am!), the increased blood flow will send more oxygen and other nutrients to your cells (including brain cells!), your nerves in the muscles will be activated and you’ll just plain feel better. Who said exercise had to be structured, set-aside time?! Do double-duty and get a bit in at the office!

* Forget the boardroom, hold walking meetings.
* Hand-deliver mail, memos and faxes.
* Chat face-to-face instead of by e-mail or phone.
* Use a bathroom on the other side of the building or another floor.
* Have a lot of phone time? Buy a cordless and move around while talking.
* Jumping Jacks – simple, quick and pumps you up.
* Switch hands with whatever you’re doing to activate your non-dominant side.
* Sit on a Stability Ball instead of a desk chair – all-day core activation!
* Push-Ups with your hands on your desk.
* Bodyweight squats when waiting for the copier to finish.
* Massage your head and shoulders. Find trigger points of tension in the shoulders and base of the skull. Hold pressure for 6-10 seconds. Don’t forget your face and jaw.
* Go to the staircase and walk or jog 2 or 3 up/down flights.
* Concentrate on your posture – chest up, shoulders back, neck relaxed. You’ll open up your airways (bad posture alone can give your brain up to 30% less blood and oxygen).
* Do some stretches (back/front, side/side) and focus on your deep breathing (in through the nose, out through the mouth).

Any other tips you’ve done or think are good ideas? Leave a commentinspire each other!

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