This week, we’re talking about practicing One Small Change in order to look, move and feel (even more) awesome: the habit, or practice, of getting better sleep.

Chronic lack of sleep interferes with hormonal production that can dramatically impact your mental health and make it more difficult to stay at a healthy weight. Not only this, but it can shorten your lifespan by putting you at an increased risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

If you’re someone who struggles with waking up groggy, has difficulty managing stress, who seems to be gaining weight, who has a hard time focusing, can’t muster the energy to exercise or choose healthy foods, the first place to start is by looking at your sleeping habits.

In this quick video, I share: 

1. The types of foods that may be causing you to wake up in the middle of the night.
2. Does that one glass of wine *really* impact your sleep?
3. What you can do to combat these gloomy Michigan winters and regulate your sleep hormones naturally.
4. What supplement is proven to help with deeper sleep.

…and more! 

If sleep is an issue for you, we’ve created a downloadable Tracker to help motivate you to reach your Better Sleep goals. Click on the pic under the video or DOWNLOAD IT HERE, print and put on your fridge to update each morning. 

Habit change takes intentionality. 

How will you get better sleep this week? Be on the lookout for what other parts of your life improve just by practicing this one habit. 

Sweet Dreams!
Jess & Team Valeo

References and for more fascinating info on the power of sleep:

Watch Video Below!

Click the pic to download and print the Get Better Sleep Tracker!


This habit is the second in a 4-part series with WZZM13 called “One Small Change.”
You can check out the aired TV feature and web story HERE. 🙂
In case you missed it, last week’s habit was: Drink More Water.
Tune in each Friday around 6:45am to hear more!


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