Since getting a Concept 2 Rowing Machine at the gym, we’ve been having a blast watching our members fire up their metabolism with cardio bursts at the end of their workout while also igniting a healthy dose of competition. We’re seeing personal records being conquered every week – our members are awesome!

To ensure we’re promoting the safest, most efficient, most powerful technique with this exercise machine, we wanted to share a quick Rowing Tutorial Video. One of the best we’ve found…check it out! You’ll learn:

1. ORDER: What movement do I do first, second, and last?
2. POWER: Where should the umph in my row be focused? (hint: it’s divided 60-20-20%)
3. TIMING: What’s the correct rhythm of going out to coming in?

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Cheers To A Healthy, Strong, Happy Summer!

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