The Lake Macatawa Triathlon was another awesome event this year! We had warm temps, not-too-frigid waters and lots of cheering faces the entire morning. I was paired up with Haleigh (this was her 5th time doing the race!) :), Elizabeth was paired up with Paige and Tiff, Mike and Emma were paired with Logan.

The swim was a 1/2 mile in Lake Mac, starting at Dunton Park boat launch. We pulled the kids in an inflatable kayak, spending most of our time keeping the kids entertained and making sure their curiousity of the water didn’t make them take an unexpected dip in. 🙂
After the swim, parents and volunteers moved the kids from the kayak to the Trek trailors, attached behind our bikes. With helmets strapped on, safety belts adjusted and snacks securely in place (Mike’s only request was that Logan share his snacks on the ride) 😉 we ventured off towards the rolling hills of Lakeshore Drive. Arguably the most grueling part of the race, the 22.8 mile course was a windy but strong and steady ride back to the transistion area to prepare for the run.

The 4.8 mile run took us through the neighborhood surrounding Dunton Park – our favorite parts were not only all the cheering fans encouraging us along the way but also the water hoses they sprayed at us with refreshing agua from Lake Michigan! Felt so good!

One of the neatest parts of the event for me was the end when I was able to take Haleigh out of her trailor and we ran hand-in-hand across the finish line. Elizabeth also was able to take Paige out and carry her across. It was definitely a photo-finish and the girls laughed and shrieked at the excitement surrounding us.
Thanks, Brian Stauffer, for another great event and all the hard work you put into it! We had a blast!

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