On Saturday morning, June 9th, I got be part of one of the coolest things ever! I participated in the “Race of Their Lives” at the Lake Macatawa Triathlon. About 7 of us were paired up with a special-needs child from the Ottawa Area Center to compete in a swim (.5 mile), bike (22.8 miles) and run (4.8 miles). We got together three weeks ago to meet our kids and practice at Dunton Park before the big race day. I knew immediately when I saw little Kamrie that she was going to be my buddy!

We arrived early morning race day to very chilly air temps and very warm, post-e.coli infested waters (ewww…). The day turned out to be gorgeous, though, and the “race” was an absolute blast. Kamrie got to ride in an inflatable kayak behind me on the swim, in a trailor behind my bike and then I pushed her in a jogging stroller on the run. Seeing her dance and giggle with uncontrollable excitement the whole morning was so much fun. Whenever we’d go downhill on the bike, she’d lean waaaaay forward, close her eyes, her little face peeking under her helmet and let the wind whip through her hair. I knew that for that moment, she got to experience the freedom and exhilaration of soaring…It was a sight and an experience that has truly moved me and one I’ll never forget….I’d love to share it with you! – turn up your speakers and enjoy this little photo video!

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