Has the idea of doing something perfectly prevented you from doing it at all? Do you wait for the perfect environment, perfect season of life, perfect mood – to do that thing you know would be really good for you?

I can relate.

There’re so many times I let my auto-pilot take over; destination: perfection. 

The thing is, though, perfection is a never-ending and never-worthwhile pursuit.

Instead, what would happen if we cultivated a perspective of practice?

Practicing is really the essence of exercise training, nutrition and well, life

  • To get strong in the deadlift, you have to practice deadlifting – often.
  • To eat more healthfully, you have to practice choosing healthy alternatives – often.
  • Just like to be a better writer, you have to practice writing – often.
  • To successfully fix the inner workings of a car, you have to practice mechanical skills – often.
  • To be an active listener, you have to practice engaging in others – often.

Choosing a perspective of ‘practice’ softens the idea that we have to “get it” perfectly and right away. Life is made of ebbs and flows and when we allow ourselves to grasp the reality that success isn’t linear, we feel more freedom and courage to keep practicing.
 So, let’s practice…
Going to the gym at least 2x this week.

Eating a veggie with breakfast.

Not drinking tonight. 

Shutting down toxic thoughts before they affect your mood.

Walking right on by the jar of candy at work.

Going to bed 20 minutes earlier. 

There’s pressure in perfection but power in practice.

What will you practice this week? 

Jess & Team Valeo

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