As fitness coaches, we know people require structure to be healthy. Having no structure is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to a human being.

But, time to get real for a sec.

If you’re like our household, STRUCTURE has left the building.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re trying.

We’ve got our ‘schedule’ taped to the fridge and have a bribing reward system in place to help us follow it.

But still, like so many of you, there’s a sense of overwhelm….working full-time, figuring out a new way to do business, to do school, to manage a home where a 7 year old thought it’d be funny to pee on the carpet (whaaat?!), to feed family members EVERY day (sheesh), to mourn what’s lost, to experience new grief and anxiety, to find the 134 different passwords to all the online learning accounts (parents with school-aged kids, you get it). 

And then in the midst of all this are our SHOULDS.

We should be eating better. We should be exercising. We should be enjoying this time home. We should put more boundaries around work. We should be reading more. We should….

It’s like we’ve got 200 Mbps of data pounding our brains when we only have the bandwidth for 25.

Anyone with us?! 

We’re here today to tell you it’s ok to BOTH feel together AND undone. It’s ok to not be eating as well as you ‘should’, to exercise as much as you did before (or hoped to do), to not have the structure you know would make your day feel accomplished.

But what if you could find pockets of structure in your day? 

That’s right…not an entire perfect day. But a pocket here and there. 

For our members, maybe that means structuring your custom at-home program into the ‘pocket’ after breakfast on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Or structuring a virtual lunch hour by joining us live on Zoom for a 20 minute bodyweight workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Or structuring time to revel in your kid’s laughter.

To grab an extra handful of veggies with dinner.

To stick with your morning coffee + devo routine.

It doesn’t have to be a lot to be effective.

And we promise that those little pockets of structurewill expand little by little into the rest of your day because of the elevation of mood and sense of accomplishment produced afterwards.

So, your job the rest of this week is to find pockets and dismiss perfection. To structure a bit of structure. Now is not the time for all or nothing. Now is the time for both/and.

You in?

Cheering you on,
Jess, Mike + Team Valeo

PS – if you’re looking for some pockets of structure around your exercise, we’re writing custom at-home programs and providing accountability ‘healthy huddle’ Zoom calls and Valeo / Virtual online workouts. Start your 30-day trial for $89 and let our expertise relieve some of your shoulds. We can’t wait to help!

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