I’ve been learning a whole lot lately about bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth – and I believe God’s on the move in our world to bring restoration and healing. I have the honor of being part of two organizations who’ve combined forces to bring that concept into reality. My church, en gedi, has partnered with the Macatawa Cycling Club’s Holland Hundred event this year to raise money for clean water wells in Zambia, Africa.

For every $3,500 raised, we can dig a well that will service up to 2,000 individuals.
* Life expectancy in Zambia, Africa has decreased from age 45 in 1996 to just over 30 today.
* One in four individuals in Zambia is HIV+
* Zambia has the highest number of orphans in the world with over half a million country-wide (more than double the population of Grand Rapids).
* Only 28% of people in Zambia have access to clean water.
Ride for Team Zambia in the 34th annual Holland Hundred Bicycle Tour, July 19! Anyone from expert to novice cyclists is invited to join others from en gedi church who will ride to increase awareness of the issues facing Zambia as well as raise funds for clean water wells. Riders will receive a free “Thirst” t-shirt and will help raise money for wells through gaining donations for each mile ridden or through flat donations.
* This is not a bike RACE – simply a ride/tour.
* Riders leave between 7 and 10am from the parking lot of Smallenburg Park (near Holland Municipal Stadium) at 379 Fairbanks Ave.
* Scenic highlights include rolling farmlands and orchards, the winery in Fennville, beautiful lakeshores, majestic overlooks and the quaint shops and restaurants of Saugatuck.
* Routes are 18, 36, 67 or 100 miles.
* Rest stops offer a variety of free nutritious snacks and drinks.
* Free pancake breakfast is provided at East Saugatuck rest stop.
* Helmets are required! Extra helmets, bikes and burleys are available – let me know of your need or if you have equipment to share.
Contact me today to pick up your Donation Form! I have packets filled with Zambia Clean Water Wells information as well as Appreciation Gifts, including coupons for discounts at a Zeeland diner and an awesome photography package with Steven F. Fox Photography .

As an encouragement to participate, Valeo / Personal Training will cover 1/2 the $25 registration fee when you sign up!
Encourage your family, friends, coworkers to donate $1 per mile (or more or less!) and be a part of opening the doors to new levels of hope – together we can help meet an incredible significant and basic need – clean water.

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