Hello Readers; Mike here! Not two weeks ago, one of our beloved members, having a big group of family in town, messaged me to tell me how concerned he was to be off the nutritional bandwagon. Dinners out, cookouts and trips for ice cream were all on the agenda.

We get it! And it got us thinking here at Valeo that it was about time to address this publicly – Memorial day has come and gone, the Fourth is here and summer is in full swing! Cookouts, family gatherings and extra eating and drinking become the norm. 

Our advice to him is the same to you: enjoy the seasons of life!

Remember that there are so many reasons we gather around food! Food is not just sustenance, but it is celebration, tradition, feelings and it is community. Enjoy it! 

Enjoying food and the company you’re around doesn’t have to come at the cost of your health and fitness. We’ve got a few tips to help you navigate the many opportunities to celebrate community in tradition this summer:

-practice moderation –  eat slowly and only until 80% full (*really* get to know what that is for you by practicing!)

-build your plate around a good source of protein

-be the jerk who brings the veggie trayAnd then eat most of it

-orange fluff is NOT a salad 🙂

-constantly be asking yourself, “how can I make this (situation, plate, event) 1% better that what I might naturally choose? Then feel good about that WIN!

-even though Michigan is God’s Garage Refrigerator (he keeps all the best beer here), limit calorie-containing beverages

-above all, enjoy a guilt-free and healthy summer with family and friends! The founding fathers would have WANTED you to eat brats, Aunt Karen’s Nappa Salad and that red, white and blue Jell-O thing that‘s shaped like the United States of America – slowly, mindfully and healthfully amped-up 1% better, of course. 🙂

Happy Independence Day,
Coach Mike + Team Valeo

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