I’m thinking you can definitely relate in some way:

This past week, I realized the combination of little sleep + working from home + remote learning was not, how do I say this, bringing out the best in me. 😊

I decided early mornings were going to have to be “my thing” in order to get a chunk of work done hours before my darling minions rise.

Early mornings AND sufficient sleep. A pretty lofty goal, especially for this night owl. 😉

I knew it wouldn’t do any good to just “hope to get more sleep.” I had to get specific. Not about the goal or outcome but about the behavior that will get me there.

I decided to only focus on ONE thing:

-Don’t sit down after putting the kids to bed-

That’s all.

Not a vague wish to ‘just go to bed earlier’ or ‘get more sleep.’

Instead, I told my brain:


Now, despite some achiever attributes in me, I LOVE to lounge and believe me, every bone in my body just wants to just sit down after a long day. 😊 And normally, that is a perfectly healthy thing to do! BUT, I know that if I truly wanted to wake up early, sitting on my cozy couch means I’ll either stay up way too late or doze off there and wake up unable to get back to sleep at 2am.

So, I decided that instead of becoming glued to the cushions lost in mindless scrolling, I’ll quickly finish cleaning the kitchen so I can wake up to a tidied area ready to be productive.

After the kitchen, I’ll head to the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth.

After I’m ready for bed, I’ll want to get in bed!

Even if I spend some time there relaxing, reading or catching up on shows, I know my chances of waking up in the morning refreshed will be much more likely.

But not if I sat down first.

So…what’s a goal you’ve been wanting to do?

Now figure out the ONE behavior that will act as the domino to get you there.

And only focus on THAT.

You in?

Let us know your ONE behavior here.


Cheering you on!

Jess & Team Valeo

PS – We loved hearing from you, dear members, regarding our email asking which Lever you wanted to pull right now. Maybe your goal isn’t to Sleep Deep, but to Move More, Eat Well or Stress Less. Need some more 1% better behavior ideas to “domino” you there? Give ONE of these a shot!

Let us know your ONE behavior here.


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