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  • Do you need a little push to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle?
  • Are you ready to see some positive body change and feel (even more) awesome?
  • Do you want the support of an expert team and incredible community along the way?

Join us for our next 6-week transformation challenge!

We’ll run this challenge after the holidays, focusing on the Core Four Habits and eating real, unprocessed foods so we can look, move, and feel (even more) awesome. We’ll provide you with a Meal Guide, Healthy Habit Challenges, a Recipe Guide, Success Manual, Community of Support…and more!

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Notify Me about the next EMAC


“This challenge was so good! The meal planning and recipes were amazing.”

“I’ve had huge success on the EMAC! Blood sugar under diabetes levels, lost body stiffness and lost weight. Better overall mood. No digestive issues at all.”

“When I signed up for EMAC, in the back of my head, I was scared and stressed about screwing up or failing. I soon learned, there was nothing scary or anything to stress about. The challenge was very well explained and all questions were answered. I lost a bit of weight but more importantly, my clothes are fitting better and I feel a bit more comfortable in my own skin. How awesome is that?!? I don’t think I’ve ever been as strong as I am right now. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for me!”

“During the EMAC, I lost over 10% of my body fat and gained strength, flexibility, and confidence!”

“The EMAC challenge affirmed some existing patterns around exercise and food and added some new ones, particularly around rest and stressing less. The combination of the core four was what made it all work for me!”