Christmas Card 2015It’s that time of year where we start to get the itch to check something off our mental list of aspirations. Maybe it’s a resolution you didn’t quite meet last year or you’re in a different season now and that calls for different goals. Whatever might be your motivation, the New Year is a fresh start for many of us.

A goal we often hear people say is “I want to lose 10 (20, 30, 40…) lbs next year!” and they make that their New Years Resolution. We commend a desire to improve health but what if we focused on what you’re going to do to get that change, versus the body change itself.

For instance, maybe you want to check off 200 workouts this year (that’s averaging 3-4 a week). How fantastic would that be?! Or maybe it’s improving 50 lbs on your deadlift or (for real this time) drinking 10 glasses of water a day or adding a veggie to every lunch.

In the midst of uncovering how you’ll reach a goal, it’s critical to find your WHY. How would it feel on December 22, 2016 to be done with almost 200 workouts that year? (we’re guessing pretty awesome). Or to be so strong you added 50 more pounds to the bar on your favorite lift? How would your skin look or where would your energy be if toxins are continually being flushed out out because you were so naturally in the groove of drinking tons of water and eating loads of veggies? Picture the you on December 22, 2016 and let that image drive you.

So, before you aspire to see body change, first find your WHY and your HOW and do that….the results will then take care of themselves.

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