It’s not too often we find a product, fall in love with it, and feel a moral obligation to share it with the world. LOL. However, there are a few things we just can’t keep to ourselves.

You guys. 

Enter the Hot Logic mini. What is this little lunch box-looking device, you might ask? It’s a portable oven-of-sorts, a hot plate inside an insulated bag that you can simply plug in and walk away. Pretty much, it’s a meal-prepper’s dream and could even convince a non meal-prepper to convert their ways.

You may know that one of the very best ways to avoid 1,000 calorie restaurant lunches, processed grab-and-go snacks, or long hours without proper nutrition is to prepare your meals ahead of time using real, whole foods. This is a huge focus in our Valeo / Nutrition program because it so greatly impacts both our physique and our food freedom, opening up mental real estate to go about our day since the food is already prepped and ready to go.

However, many times we’re left to nuke the leftovers or prepped foods in a microwave (hello, zapped nutrients, stinky office and soggy food!) or, even worse, eat them cold. Lunch suddenly becomes more of a chore tolerating rubbery leftover chicken or cold eggs than it is enjoyable. Ick! 

The Hot Logic mini was created and manufactured by a local company in Grand Haven, MI (!) and is the perfect solution to eating well outside your home (we aren’t affiliated with them in any way, just think they’re super great).

Per their website: The Hot Logic Mini is a 3-In-1 Electric Lunchbox that cooks food from scratch or reheats leftovers. There are no timers or temperature settings to worry about. Just put your meal in any flat-bottom, sealed-lid container, drop it in the bag, plug it in and forget it. That’s really all it takes. The Hot Logic will cook a meal from scratch in a couple hours, or re-heat leftovers in about an hour, then hold your meal at the perfect serving temperature until you’re ready to eat, without over cooking, burning or drying out your food!

Our Hot Logic mini is used daily in the Valeo office…Mike is so happy to be eating hot meals again. 🙂 Simply re-heat leftovers or save precious prep time by throwing raw ingredients into a plastic or glass container instead of pre-cooking at home. Just set the glass or plastic container in the lunch box and plug it in for a few hours at the office or even in your car with an adapter and your meal will be fully cooked and piping hot, ready to eat. You can search for Hot Logic recipes on Pinterest, join the Facebook recipe page, or use the recipe book that comes with the device. We’re all about helping our crew eat healthy portions of more real, whole foods and the Hot Logic can be a super helpful “tool in your toolbox” to better enjoy the process at home, traveling, or in the office. Check it out!

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And, while you’re at it, consider some cool storage items for food. We’ve slowly been converting most of our storage ware to glass vs plastic – not only for the health benefit, but because it looks so pretty, too! 🙂 It’s true that the visual appearance of food has a lot to do with our willingness or desire to eat it, so make those healthy foods aesthetically pleasing by storing them in gorgeous glass jars. These ones with snapable lids are bike-commute spill proof :), fit perfectly in the Hot Logic, and are fantastic for reheating the Salmon Burgers we posted about yesterday. Click the burger pic to snag the recipe! 
Buy glass food storage with snap-locking lids

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