I’ve not been getting great sleep lately. And, as a Core Four Habit here at Valeo:


Move More

Eat Well

Sleep Deep

Stress Less


…it’s something I value as having a major impact on how I look, move, and feel.


BUT I’m embarrassed to admit, I fell asleep in my green chair again last night.

You see, I have this beautiful velvet dark green chair in my living room and every night after I put the kids down, it calls my name.

Such a cozy haven…can you blame me?! haha

I know that if I go and sit down, it’s all over.

I’ll likely pass out and wake up at 2am uncomfortable from being contorted in an awkward position and strangely wired, preventing me from getting the 7-9 hours I crave (and need).


So, it’s time to change this habit.

Maybe you’re in the same boat. You’ve got something in your life you’d like to do more (or less) of.


Here’s how we can tackle this:

Step 1: Identify the end goal

For me, it’s get 7-9 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Maybe for you it’s to get to the gym more often, or drink less alcohol, or lose 10 lbs, or eat more veggies.

These are all great goals, but they’re meaningless unless accompanied by specific behaviors.


So, Step 2: Identify the BEHAVIOR it will take to get to that goal. Choose just one thing at a time, the one thing that will act as a ‘domino’ for other behaviors to become easier.

For me, the behavior I’ll do to get there is to avoid sitting down in my green chair after I put my kids to bed.

Ha! That’s it!

Seriously. No need to complicate it more than that. It’ll be the only thing I’ll focus on and soon I’ll watch the dominos fall that will get me the results I want.

I’ll finish cleaning the kitchen, I’ll do my bedtime routine, I’ll get my PJS on, I’ll pack my gym clothes, I’ll still enjoy a book or show, but tucked in bed.

All of these things will set me up for success for more deep sleep.

But it begins with not sitting down first.


What’s a goal YOU have brewing in your heart and mind?

What’s the ONE “domino behavior” that will get you there?

*That’s* where you need to focus.

Shoot us an email below. We cant wait to hear!



Jessica & Team Valeo

PS – Need ideas? We’ve asked this question about ‘domino behaviors’ before and here are some of the responses we’ve received.

Give ONE of these a shot!

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