I’ve never really considered myself a big candy person. Until this year. Ha! Apparently, I like candy A LOT ūüôā and now that it’s gone from never in the house to Halloween explosion…I thought I’d share some tips with how we’re managing it. Maybe you can relate!


1. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying a piece or two. For real, fitness and health cannot be made or destroyed in a single day. It’s the¬†consistency of your overall habits¬†(good or bad) that creates major change.


2. If having a few pieces unleashes a tendency to binge, set a daily limit, just like you likely do for your kids. Or, better yet, remove the convenience of the temptation.

–> Google did a study in 2006 called ‚ÄúProject M&M‚ÄĚ that resulted in their staff eating¬†3.1 MILLION¬†fewer calories¬†worth of M&M candies. All they did was put the candy in¬†opaque¬†jars instead of clear glass ones.¬†Lol.

Moral of the story: Put things that tempt you completely out of your home or work, at least out of sight or in dark containers. Read about the study here!


3. Increase your fruit, vegetable, and berry intake. Next time you overdo it on sugar, pay attention to how achy glands, congestion or a sore throat creeps in shortly after.

Why is that?¬†Studies show too much sugar ‚Äėnumbs‚Äô insulin‚Äôs desire to carry that sugar into your cells, leading to fat tissue gain, an unbalanced immune system and even disease like diabetes.

On the flip side, eating 7-13 servings every single day of a variety of colors of fruits, vegetables, and berries has been shown to balance the immune system.

If you think 7-13 servings every single day is¬†a lot, you‚Äôre not alone. It‚Äôs why our family and so many gym members are intentional to eat¬†‚Äúgrow food‚Ä̬†with each meal and also take¬†30 ground up fruits, vegetables, and berries in capsules.¬†Snag some yourself¬†at the link below (kids get free fruit & veggie capsules or chewables¬†with every adult order). Super simple & super effective.


What’s your favorite way to manage the candy overload?

Email us here and let us know!¬†[email protected]

Make it an amazing week,

Jess & Team Valeo

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