In a study on willpower of two different groups, one that thought of willpower as a limited resource, and another group which thought of willpower as a compounding resource, the second group was much more successful.

Meaning, the group that thinks “I have gone this long without… so I can go a bit longer,“ is much more successful!

Now, we will absolutely have to use willpower sometimes to overcome the temptations of eating or being inactive to our comfort. We have to overcome our selfish, toddler brain.

BUT successful dieters and lifestyle changers are the ones who do NOT have to OFTEN exercise willpower.


1. They aren’t hungry because they eat hearty meals, choosing proteins and filling up on fibrous carbohydrates (#alltheveggies).

2. They aren’t prone to mindless snacking because they’ve engaged mind and body by finding activities that prevent boredom.

3. They are not ill-prepared because they work the PLAN.

4. They don’t suffer shame when – for either tradition, comfort, joy, convenience, or deference – they CHOOSE to eat a food they normally would not.

Because they are not controlled by their food.

Also, they get a coach. 🙂

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