Mike and I just returned from California from an an incredible weekend masterminding with some of the top gym owners in the industry who, like us, are on a mission to change the way fitness is done. While listening to their stories, I was reminded again and again how success, in really any endeavor, may look (to us on the outside) like a straight, smooth-sailing shot to the top. However, what is often hidden are the ups, downs, and turn-arounds throughout the journey…I dare no say no successful person or place has had a straight, perfect way to the top. Can you relate? 🙂

Success in health and fitness often follows the same path. We see it as a “I’ve got to do x,y, and z perfectly every single day or I’ll never be good at this health and fitness thing.” When we feel we’ve fallen off the trajectory toward our goals, it’s easy to mentally check out, to give up and stop all-together.

I’ve been there! But the best thing about the ebb and flow during this journey?….it’s all normal! It’s all part of the real life of a healthy, fit person. You WILL have days where you just sit on the couch all day. You WILL have days where you ditch the ‘adult’ choice and choose the ‘feel good now’ food choice instead. You WILL have days where you didn’t squeeze an exercise session in like you told yourself you were going to.

The most fit and healthy people do the same. But they also choose a mindset that to do those things doesn’t give permission to completely throw in the towel! It just gives personal feedback that ‘hey, those choices weren’t me at my best and I feel so much better when I make better choices. I’ll own my ‘downs’ and do the next thing that will help me #bebetter and rise 1% my next decision.”

Most people stop their health journeys because they think it’s got to be all-or-nothing and a series of ‘downs’ mentally = failure. But you’re changing that way of thinking, right, friends?! Because, what if you stopped in the middle of the mess?!

You’d miss out on reaching the highest point!

Know that there is NO SUCH THING as a straight line to success…your journey will have lots of ups and – expect – some downsBut look at the big picture…that’s what matters. You will never be perfect and that’s the best part! Embrace it, find freedom in that, and keep rising!! 


– Jess + Team Valeo

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