Sometimes the health and fitness changes in our life come about so slowly, it’s tough to really see the “before” and “after.”


I encourage you to take a moment and write a letter to your Old Self.

Or maybe this could be a letter you’d like your new FUTURE Self to write someday to the current you.

I know this activity sounds super strange but it’s actually really helpful to take a moment and connect with how far you’ve come, what changes you’ve experienced, and what you’d want your Old Self to know.


Here’s an example from a Valeo member who did this exercise during one of our nutrition challenges:


Dear Old Me,

I’m sorry you let yourself think for so long that becoming healthy was too hard or something that you couldn’t do.

I’m sorry that you wasted so much time being unhappy with yourself and not truly living the life a really amazing person like yourself should be living.

I’m sorry that you let yourself be consumed by your weight and that you lost your confidence and self worth because of it.

I’m sorry that you felt the need to punish yourself for every failed attempt at changing your lifestyle.

I’m sorry that you lacked energy and the ability to manage the stress in your life.

I’m sorry that you couldn’t be the best version of you.

…I wish you knew what I know now.

I wish you knew how happy you could be.

I wish you knew how much energy you could have.

I wish you knew how much easier it is than you think.

I wish you knew the things you could be capable of and I wish you knew that it was possible to start loving yourself again.
There’re so many more possibilities than you know right now and there are so many more people willing to support you than you know.

Love, the New Me


What would you write to yourself?

If you need someone to share it with, we’d love to read it.  Send us your letter

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your “before” and “after” and we hope you are really proud of yourself for any 1% changes you’ve made.


Keep moving forward!

Jess & Team Valeo

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