Lemon Water (2)


Adding cut-up lemon or the juice of a lemon to your water produces a refreshing drink that doesn’t just taste better. There are super active processes that happen inside your body when you sip this sourly goodness. Did you know lemon water….

  • Helps your food digest since the acids in lemons are so similar to the ones in your stomach. This can help ease indigestion or relieve an upset stomach.
  • Helps minimize bloating after eating since it aids in processing nutrients more slowly (which, in turn, leads to greater nutrient absorption). Try downing a glass 1/2 hour before a meal to encourage as much nutrient uptake as possible.
  • Detoxes by stimulating the liver to flush out the bad guys and also increases the need to urinate, which is a good thing for getting rid of toxins in your urinary tract. All of this keeps the skin and body healthy.
  • Contains antioxidants that shield your cells from intruders that cause sickness, disease, and even things like pesky wrinkles. The more antioxidant protection, the better foundation for youthful, healthy bodies (one of many reasons we flood our bodies with a wide variety of whole food-found antioxidants daily through these capsules).
  • Relieves aches and pains from (even mild) dehydration…grab a large jar and fill it up with lemon water and drink a few throughout the day. We dare you to feel the tension in your muscles disappear!
  • Boosts energy levels by delivering negative-charged ions to your digestive tract. Perfect to rev up before (or during) a workout! 


  • Choose lemons that are fully yellow and thin-skinned ones are better at giving off juices.
  • Choose organic, if possible, especially if putting the rind into your water.
  • Squeeze half the juice out of a cut-up lemon and then add the whole chunks to your water to infuse your drink even longer.
  • Begin with lukewarm water rather than ice cold in order to not shock your system too much. A hot drink at the end of the day is a refreshing way to sip, too!
  • Keep lemons stored in sealed plastic baggies rather than at room temp to help them stay fresher longer.
  • Make lemon ice cubes by squeezing juice into an ice cube tray, freezing, and adding to water for an easy, quick lemon-infused drink ready-to-go.

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