My friend, Anne, recently celebrated her 2nd anniversary of a lifestlye change that not only resulted in a significant amount of weight loss, but also a significant gain of freedom and health. I am SO proud of her and wanted to share her accomplishments and learned lessons on this journey – a journey that, though it has not been easy, has changed her life – just read all the things this girl has done the last two years. Wow. I hope her words inspire you – whether you are in the midst of your own journey or not – as much as they have me.
In her own words…
Today marks the 2nd anniversary of changing my lifestyle to a healthy one. I’ve learned a lot over the past two years, accomplished many things and see the next two years as continued opportunities. In no particular order…

I’ve learned…

* I would rather eat my calories than drink them
* Shopping with friends takes on a whole new meaning when you can go to the same store as them
* Social gatherings don’t have to revolve around food
* We need to eat to live NOT live to eat
* In the end, food doesn’t make stressful situations easier
* Goals can be numeric but should also be behavorial
* It feels so good [mentally, emotionally and physically] to be healthy

I’ve also…

* Ran my first 5K
* Developed an addiction and love to Spinning
* Climbed a crazy huge mountain in San Diego
* Lowered my BMI, cholesterol and triglycerides
* Maintained my within 5-10 pounds of my goal depending on the day
* Had the opportunity/challenge to buy a new wardrobe four sizes smaller
* Bought jeans a size smaller than what I wore my senior year of high school
* Shared my story at 4 M M P C meetings with the 5th coming up in two weeks
* Inspired co-workers [or so I’m told] to change their habits
* Become the Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador for my department at work
* Been honored as a great one
* Been able to take three flights of stairs at work without thinking twice
* Learned to reward myself with things other than food – a new book, a pedicure and clothes
* Learned how to respond when people comment on my new exterior
* Gained self confidence

I still…

* Need to commit to an active lifestyle every S I N G L E day
* Need to remember one not so good choice doesn’t have to mean a flood of others
* Need to not eat when bored or stressed
* Need to celebrate how far I’ve come
* Need to take one day at a time
* Need to consider a personal trainer to take my strength training to the next level
* Need Him to give me strength to continue

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