Every day, we’re bombarded with the push to be better.

Better spouses, better parents, better employees, better homemakers, better friends, better eaters, better exercisers, better well, life-ers.

For some, this pursuit of personal growth is invigorating and exciting and results in all-out massive action.

For others, it can be overwhelming, exhausting, and cause a paralysis response.

And for many, we ebb and flow between the two.

It’s not a lot different in health and fitness.

Some days, going to the gym, eating veggies, drinking all the water – is invigorating, exciting, and, dare we say: easy.

Other days, well, not so much.

So, what do you do on those days where you just don’t want to get up early? You just don’t want to eat broccoli in lieu of that bagel, or go to MetCon after work, or skip the Diet Coke, or eat protein with every meal?

Do it…but just for today.

That’s right. We’re not telling you to ALWAYS get up early. To ALWAYS choose veggies over comfort carbs. To ALWAYS do 3 sets of your workout instead of 2. To ALWAYS drink water and never Diet Coke. To ALWAYS eat a meal only if it has protein.

But, here’s a mind trick: Could you do it, just for today? 

Often, we peg the “just for today” mindset against us. We use it to justify the things we do that aren’t really serving us. Swearing it’s “just for today” and tomorrow we’ll do better.

But usually it ingrains the same not-helping pattern.

Flip that around: Just for today, could you get up early, or eat a veggie with lunch, or lift that heavier weight…?

Just for today, be better. 

And tomorrow, if you want those extra zzzzzs or more carbs, that sweet drink, or to skip your Metabolic Finisher…do it!

But maybe tomorrow you’ll choose better just for today’ again.
And then the next day.
And then the next day. 

It’s a mindset that creates a snowball-effect of healthy changes filled with a lot of grace and, consequently, a lot of joy.

What better will you do “just for today”?

Jess + Team Valeo

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