My dear Grandma (Oosting) passed away this past Sunday, June 20th. While my heart is saddened that she won’t be there to watch me get married someday, meet my future children or share any more of her hilarious stories, I am comforted and EXCITED knowing that she’s with Jesus celebrating in the kingdom of Heaven.

Here are some of my favorite memories of her. I love you, Grandma, and am so thankful for the life you had and the legacy you leave. You will never be forgotten!

* The way she loved on my Grandpa and held his hand.

* The sleepovers, birthdays at her house and being babysat when my sisters and I were little.

* She was the only person I knew who called her couches ‘davenports’, ha!

* Painting ceramics with her in her basement.

* Her infamous Lamb-shaped cake she made on our birthdays – a tradition started when my dad was a baby and is now carried on with my sister’s kids!

My nephew, Myles, on his 1st bday w/ Great-Grandma’s lambcake!

*Her presence at our t-ball and softball games growing up all the way through our college track meets.

* Riding in the car with her and grandpa on the way to the high school basketball Championship games my sisters played in.

* Her strawberry jello with pink cool-whip frosting and banana cream pies she’d bring to every holiday get-together.

*The t-shirts and shell necklaces she’d bring back for us girls from the various places she and my grandpa would travel.

* The stories, the stories, the stories! Everything from growing up in a house off all boys, to her childhood haircuts, to my favorite – of how she met my grandpa while racing cars on the streets of downtown Grand Rapids!

* Her little snicker when she tried not to smile – her dry sense of humor was the best!

You can read more on her LIFE STORY here… 🙂

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