One of the best days of my life happened last Friday – Mike asked me to marry him!! I am overwhelmed with joy and honored to be able to spend the rest of my life with him and love him more than he could possibly imagine.

The night began with a planned, romantic dinner at Til Midnight restaurant (though it’s not far out his character to plan something like this so far in advanced, it did get the wheels turning in my head…) 😉 I had all afternoon to get ready for this fabulous date, but of course, in true Jessica-style, I couldn’t decide what to wear (Mike kept telling me to ‘look purdy’…!) and was running behind – only to find my car stuck in the side of the road in 2-feet of packed snow! After working up a sweat, shoveling myself out (all dressed up and getting really frustrated at this point), Mike decided just to meet me at the restuarant.
We had such a nice dinner – because the weather had been so bad, there was hardly anyone there, which made it special, just the two of us. I kept noticing Mike checking the time on his phone and he even got up once ‘to wash his hands’ in the restroom…I knew somethin’ fishy was going on.
Immediately after the last bite of dessert, Mike threw his credit card down on the table, as if he was in a huge hurry…we had plans to walk around in Centennial Park under the gorgeous lit-up snow flakes. I suggested just going to Prospect Park, since it was closer, but he insited he wanted to go to Centennial ‘because there’s a gazebo there and it’s so pretty.’ Hmmm…wheels still turning! 🙂

As many know, it was REALLY cold that night – and snowed about 2 feet! I came prepared with my snow boots, hat, gloves…but Mike brought nothing, saying that 30 degrees was warm. I guess he can say that, since he spends ALL day, everyday, outside in temps colder than that. 🙂 We were going to swing by my house to pick up a hat for him, but he told me he was fine, and just to go to Centennial Park.
I should mention – after dinner, I went to the bathroom and came out to find that Mike had quickly run outside to the car – he told me he was just starting the car to warm it up, but I later found out that he had put the ring behind my seat, next to my snow boots…once I mentioned that I was going to change into my boots for the walk, he quickly moved the ring so I wouldn’t see it! 🙂 Cute.
We arrived to Centennial and it was absolutely gorgeous – a true winter-wonderland! Of course, there were NO paths plowed, so taking a romantic walk around was kinda out of the question. We decided to brave the deep snow, and trudged out way through the 3-foot deep snow banks and had fun running through the park like we were crazy! Mike shouted, come over here! and we ran to the gazebo. He was SOOO cold, so I started hugging him to warm him up…he then began telling me the sweetest things and opening up his heart about how he felt about me, and he said that he knew he couldn’t live without me. He then got on his knee and presented me with the ring and asked me to marry him!!! I shrieked and started hugging him – then remembered to say YES!!!! 🙂 It was cute ’cause the only thing he said after was ‘can I get up now? My right knee is frozen.’ hahhaa – he had been kneeling in the snow the whole time!!
After checking out the ring – it was ABOLUTELY GORGEOUS and he picked it out all himself! – We ran out of the gazebo, hand-in-hand, yelling in excitment like little kids as we ran down the hill. He stopped immediatly to call his best friend, Grant, in CO, as he promised him he’d be the first to hear the news!! It was so fun to talk w/ Grant and share that moment with him!
Mike said he needed a drink (LOL) so let’s go to Via Maria…after finally finding a parking spot, we walked inside. The host led us to a room and as soon as we walked in, I saw a huge sign that said ‘We hope you said Yes!’ and about 40 of my closest family and friends there, cameras flashing and people cheering. It was absolutley AMAZING and I was so overwhelmed with JOY at Mike’s THOUGHTFULNESS in knowing how important sharing this moment with people I love, especially my family, is. He put so much love into preparing for that night – I looked around the room and kept seeing faces of people I had just seen hours before – people from the gym, one of my clients I had just seen at noon that day, Kelly, who I had just worked out with and talked about my weekend plans with…it was so funny that they ALL KNEW!!!!
Another wonderful and thoughtful thing Mike did was develop pictures of us – then put them in frames all around the room. It was so cool! He also asked each guest to bring a photo of themselves with me or him and put a copy of the pic into a scrapbook he had out, along with a nice note. I am so excited to see the finished product – what a man I have!!!!

My sister Tara and brother-in-law Mark couldn’t be there to celebrate, but were definitely there in spirit. My favorite times were hugging my mom and dad and andee, brooke and tim….my immediate family who knows me deeply and the journey it took to get to this place.
I am so so so blessed to have friends and family who would come celebrate with us, who love Mike and I and have spent countless hours praying for us, even before Mike and I ever met.
Mike is the direct answer to my heart’s ache for someone who would come into my life and be the physical representation of Christ’s love to his people. I am taken back everyday by the things he does for me, who he is, for his thoughtfulness and selflessness and for all the fun he is. I am honored and humbled when I think that I get to marry him!! I love you, Michael, and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!!!!

walking in….shocked!
don’t worry – i did!!!!me and my pa hugging momhavin’ fun w/ friends and bro-in-law, timmike’s coworker, stan, sang to us with his quartet!my sistas – minus tarateagan kept rubbing mike’s head – funny 😉

new fam!

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