This post is more for my friends and fam who follow my blog every now and then. I realize I’m a bit behind in writing about it (especially for those who read my sister Tara and Brooke‘s blogs), but here are a few pics of our family adventure jumping out of a plane at 11,000 ft! (my dad’s idea!) 🙂
The most anxious part was waiting in the tiny plane for over 1/2 hr as it ascended to the right altitude. Mike and I went first – and there was only room enough for us, the pilot and our 2 tandum instructors. Because of the way we were seated, I had to jump first (oh great!) and I could tell by the instructor’s progressively-more serious tone that we were nearing the ‘now or never’ point. All I could think of was ‘ARCH!’ (really, our only responsibility during the fall)…90% of the risk is eliminated if you do this correctly.

Gettin’ suited up!

Michael and me!

Here we go!

It was a real lil’ plane…

The Pilot yelled ‘DOOR OPEN!’ and within a second, the door (aka WALL) of the plane flew open, leaving 1 cm between me and the open space of sky (and loud wind!!). With no time to allow fear to creep in, the instructor yelled ‘LEFT FOOT OUT!’ Then, after tightening the harness one last time, he yelled ‘RIGHT FOOT OUT!’ – now I was crouched outside the plane on a piece of platform that seemed to be no bigger than 1-ft long slab of metal. READY, SET…ARCH!

Pulled parachute right after the freefall!

35ish seconds of free-fall felt more like someone put a 122 mph fan in front of me – the wind resistance was insane (and chilly!) – but what a rush!!! I screamed/laughed so much that the wind took all the saliva out off my teeth and my mouth was super dry. haha! After we dropped about 6,000 ft, the instructor gave me the signal to pull the ripcord and we came halting to a slow, peaceful float above the ground for about 10 minutes. By this time, I could see the images of my family on the ground (and glimpses of Mike in the air with me) – it was so surreal to be floating so high as if I was looking out of a plane, only to look down and see my tennis shoes dangling below me.

Made it!! 🙂

The landing was soft and smooth – it was so cool to just glide down. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to go and if you’ve EVER thought about doing it – you must! It was an experience I’ll never forget and SO fun to do it as a family!!

Sis Andee, Dad, me, Mike, & Bro-in-Laws, Mark and Tim (everyone but the mamas went) 🙂

Had to throw a couple of these cutie-patooties in there…My nephew, Myles, hangin’ out in the cabin of the 1957 plane.

My niece, Teagan, hangin’ out with her very anxious mommy as her daddy goes skydiving!

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