Dreaming of a sunny Spring Break? Preparing for a work conference? Just wanna get outta town?

Exercising while on vacation is often not top of mind for most people – and that’s ok! We love being on vacation mode while away, too. However, there is a lot to say about starting your day with a quick movement session that gets the blood flowing, muscles engaged, and makes the lazy day around the pool even that much more relaxing – so, for this reason, we do encourage you to do a little something most days you’re out of town. This is especially important for those who travel often – as integrating fitness into your lifestyle means learning how to do it while away from home. Here are a few ideas to enjoy!

  • Walk or run on resort trails and on beach
  • Incorporate an activity like tennis or zip lining or swimming in the ocean
  • Go exploring on bikes
  • Swim laps or just play play play in the pool
  • Hit up the hotel gym and repeat your Valeo workout (members, we can email your custom program to you!)
  • Bring a yoga mat or lay a towel on the floor and work on your RAMP (range of motion, activation, mobility prep) drills
  • Stay in your room and zoom through one of these 2 Hotel Room Workouts:

(view videos for how-tos and then click on pics to save to your computer or phone for easy reference)

Jungle Gym Ladder Workout

Items needed: 

Timer on phone
Jungle Gym XT
(hang anchor over hotel door and close)
Perform 10 reps of each exercise. Rest as needed. Start back at the top, this time performing 9 reps of each exercise. Repeat through 1 rep and then start over at 10. Finish when timer goes off after 20 minutes.

Bodyweight Blaster Workout

Items needed:
Timer on phone
Yourself 🙂

Perform 20 seconds of exercise A / Rest 10 seconds
Perform 20 seconds of exercise B / Rest 10 seconds
Repeat for 4 minutes / Rest for 2 minutes
Move to next circuit.

Video: Bodyweight Blaster

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