Untitled designFebruary is heart health month! Here are a few ways to love your heart well:

1. Engage in movement that gets your heart rate elevated (where you are slightly out of breath) for at least 12 minutes a day. Whether it’s taking a walk, running around with your kids, quickly moving from one exercise to the next in a Semi-Private strength session or huffing and puffing in our MetCon class, moving your body can certainly increase the health and function of your heart. The heart is a muscle and can literally grow stronger and more efficient with each beat. A tired, easily-taxed heart is no bueno. Train it well!

2. Flood your body with fruits and vegetables ESPECIALLY berries! Aside from the powerful brain-neuron-healing nutrient resveratrol, berries contain flavonoids which help reduce platelet “stickiness”, are anti-inflammatory, help reduce the oxidation of LDL (the bad cholesterol), increase the production of nitric oxide which relaxes arteries, and decrease blood pressure. No wonder the more flavonoids you have in your body, the less your chance of heart attack and stroke.
Did you know those purple Juice Plus+ Vineyard capsules we display at the studio contain raw ground-up berries and are so powerful for heart, blood, and brain health, they were used in a top cardiology study for their ability to keep arteries elastic after high fat meals? The Vineyard blend contains 9 dark berries and grapes, along with beneficial cocoa, green tea, and artichoke. For those already eating your brain-boosting and heart-helping JP+, keep taking your Vineyard capsules or chewies every day or if you’re curious and want to try some, contact Jess.
3. Take deep breaths and spend 10-20 minutes a day in quiet time with the Lord or however you might choose. Lowering stress is key to keeping the stress hormones away that hurt the cardiovascular system.

Cheers to protecting your body’s greatest muscle! <3Eat for a


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