We recently came across this quote from personal development guru, Kerwin Rae, and could immediately relate. I remember when I was in high school, my mom would comment how seasons we weren’t involved in a sport were the most difficult at home. The reason? Lack of structure. Instead of going to practice after school, we’d fight her by constantly begging to watch television or snack or complain about doing homework. When we were bound within the structure of having something productive to do each day after school, other healthy habits consequently fell into place. Exercise (i.e. – sport practice) bred healthy dinners bred more focused homework sessions bred better grades bred better, well, people. Structure and discipline were the dominoes to set up some healthy behaviors I still hold to this day.

When I struggle with getting healthy habits to stick, whether that be getting into the gym on a regular basis or having more nutritious and appropriately-portioned meals, it’s often because I’ve let my routine – or lack of routine, honestly – dictate what I ‘feel’ like doing. When I prepare for my day on-purpose by looking ahead, setting a schedule and having a predictable routine to my day (ie – “after work, I head to the gym”) I fall into a natural rhythm where exercise and healthy eating become almost a mindless (dare I say ‘effortless’) part of my day. And boy, even though I would call myself more of a free spirit (I am not structured by nature, lol), having it as a simple routine in my day is far more enjoyable than the stress I carried wondering when I was going to workout or worse, the guilt that nudged me when I didn’t.

What areas can you build more structure around? If you’re needing accountability and structure around your exercise and healthy eating, be sure to reach out. It’s the #1 reason our members choose Valeo and we’d love to help you.
Wisdom .
“People require structure to be healthy. Having no structure is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to a human being. Structure creates discipline.
Do you know what the ultimate key to freedom is?
Structure + Discipline.
Because structure and discipline create freedom. Unfortunately, for most of us, we don’t associate structure and disciple as freedom; we see structure and discipline as an inconvenience, as an obstacle, as something we’re being forced to do.
But structure + discipline = habit.
And habit sets you free.” – Kerwin Rae

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