Group Classes

Do you…

  • Want to get a quick cardio & strength workout in that you don’t have to make up?
  • Crave a community of non-judgmental peers rooting for your success?
  • Want to look, move and feel (even more) awesome but don’t necessarily need custom training?

Our Group Classes are INCLUDED in your membership!

As a Valeo member, you can complement your coaching sessions with unlimited access to our 45-min high-energy group classes – a combination of HIIT Training and Strength Complexes to BURN calories and BUILD lean muscle. You’ll set your metabolism ON FIRE with our expert coaching and programming.

What are Group Classes like?

Group Classes consist of circuit-style stations using equipment such as kettlebells, sandbags, dumbbells, rowers, self-powered treadmills, ropes, medicine balls, stability balls and your own bodyweight.

Every workout begins with a Coach demonstrating the exercises in the circuit and offering modifications to make the exercises scaled to your ability. This demo is followed by RAMP (Range of Motion, Activation, Movement Prep), which is our fancy word for “warm-up.” RAMP helps us pattern the brain and muscles in ways that mimic the exercises we will do in the circuits. This added mobility feature in every class helps us ensure the safest movements possible! After performing the actual circuit, you’ll finish each class with slow Deep Breathing Resets to switch your brain and body back to ‘rest and digest.’

We offer 2 styles of classes to create a weekly exercise regimen that’s balanced and effective:

BURN classes are HIIT interval-style and focus on lighter weights and more cardio impact. The typical structure of this class looks like RAMP (10 min), BURN EXERCISES (28 min), BREATHING RESETS (5 min).

BUILD classes use heavier weights and higher density circuits that emphasize muscular fitness. The typical structure of this class looks like RAMP (10 min), BUILD EXERCISES (25 min), METABOLIC FINISHER (3 min), BREATHING RESETS (5 min) …and all with some of the most fun, welcoming crew of people you’ll meet!

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Group Class Schedule