Going to the grocery store: It’s something you do all the time – but do you ever think about revising your routine? Click on this link for a video from HealthiNation that highlights some important tips to remember when shopping for food – keep this information in mind next time you hit the store and you’ll be sure to bring fulfilling, healthy and nutritious food into your fridge, freezer and cupboards.

Afterall, what goes into your home goes into your body – and it starts with what you fill your grocery cart with!

For those of you who consider yourself Meijer-ites, Healthy Living has never been easier! Meijer has done a fabulous job of noting healthy options in the store (olive green “Healthy Living” signs posted on the aisle walls) – and keep your eyes out for the recipe card stands surrounding the produce and meat sections. I’ve taken a few and have found them delicious and easy to make – great for real-world, healthy dinners. Click on this link to check out their website – extremely informative and helpful – on it you’ll find healthy recipes, strategies, featured products and even weekly shopping lists. This is an excellent example of a store who cares about its consumers – and makes good choices obvious in their store.

For more in-depth Nutrition Information or for a Grocery Store Tour, contact me to set up a consult!
Happy Shopping!

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