It takes practice to be good at things. 

I think we all know this deep down, but how easily we forget.

“I want to eat better.”

“I want to do a chin-up.”

“I want to deadlift heavier.”

“I want to drink more water.”

“I want to stop eating so many sweets.”

…and when we don’t do these things, we see it as “one more thing I failed at.”

What if, instead, we reframed our mindset to “how can I PRACTICE xyz?”

It’s really the essence of exercise training, nutrition and well, life: to get strong in the deadlift, you have to practice deadlifting – often. To eat more healthfully, you have to practice choosing healthy alternatives – often. To be a better writer, you have to practice writing – often. To successfully fix the inner workings of a car, you have to practice mechanical skills – often. To be an active listener, you have to practice engaging in others – often.

Choosing a perspective of ‘practice’ softens the idea that we have to “get it” perfectly and right away. It’s why in our Valeo / Nutrition program, we take two weeks at a time to really practice a desired behavior and in our Semi-Private Training, we strategically progress an exercise step-by-step over many sessions before expecting anyone to nail it.

How might you choose a Perspective Of Practice this week?

  • Instead of defaulting to the menu’s greasiest grub, practice picking items packed with lean protein and veggies.
  • Instead of wondering when to go to the gym, practice going after work.
  • Instead of giving in to the call of the McArches, practice packing a lunch the night before.
  • Instead of having wine every evening, practice making and sipping on something a little different but still satisfying.
  • Instead of flying through a sorta-sloppy TGU at the gym, practice a strong Arm Bar.
  • Instead of snagging the chocolate from the office jar in the afternoon, practice strolling on by, unfazed.
  • Instead of letting anxiety sabotage your run, practice your slow, calm breathing.

Doesn’t that feel more do-able? You see, EVERY CHALLENGE IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR PRACTICE – AND EACH TIME YOU PRACTICE, THAT MUSCLE GROWS A LITTLE MORE. Literally and figuratively! You’re getting one more notch in your belt of “I did it” – one more success that can never be undone. (isn’t that awesome?!)

Now this concept of “practice vs perfection” leaves room for biffing it –  but that’s expected and normal and good. Life is made of ebbs and flows and when we allow ourselves to grasp the reality that success isn’t linear, we feel more freedom and permission to keep practicing. 

‘Cause good things don’t require novice perfection. They simply require practice.

Jess + Team Valeo

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